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Licorice Powder 100 gm

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Licorice Powder for Skin Whitening - Mulethi Powder

Sorich Organics Licorice Powder can help bring your skin to a smooth, lighter tone thanks to the Glabridin that stops the skin from darkening after sun exposure. Since sun damage is a primary cause of discoloration of the skin, it also contains UV blocking enzymes that help protect you from future damage.

Health Gain Factor :- Sorich Organics Licorice Powder has been of great help in treating gastrointestinal problems and other respiratory issues, it acts as an effective anti-inflammatory agent as well. Licorice powder boosts immunity and tends to help with stubborn cough, bad throat and bacterial & viral infections, and aids digestion.
. Licorice soothes your stomach
2. It fights against stress
3. It improves respiratory health
4. It boosts your immunity
5. It improves your skin
6. It improves your dental health
Feel Good Factor :- Sorich Organics Licorice Powder forms a great addition to drinks and smoothies because of its mildly sweet flavor. It can even be used in curries to add a savoury punch to them. Licorice can also be consumed orally since it helps with cough, sore throats and bacterial & viral infections and also aids digestion.
Quality Factor :- Sorich Organics fetches purely organic licorice powder, the roots of which have been meticulously harvested, dried and then powdered. Sorich assures that our products contains no fillers or preservatives and promise to deliver quality products to our users.

                                      HOW TO USE

1.Add 1 tbsp of Mulethi powder, 2 tbsp of mixed paste of yoghurt and milk and stir it.

2.Add 5 drops of basil oil and mix it well before use

3.Apply the pack on your face.

4.Wash it off with running water after 20minutes.