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Gut Health

Your Second Brain Is In Your Gut

It is not sure that every time your brain will respond the way you want then comes your "gut" which is called the gut feeling. Gut is basically you're feeling based on an instinctive emotional response. It basically depends on the person to person as this is the reaction of your feelings or emotions. It's like my gut feeling is saying this is wrong. 


That is right the gut is most definitely a second brain in the stomach that affects the entire wellbeing as much as the brain would. In fact the immune system is also dependent on the sound functioning of your gut. The mind and gut connection is a highly extensive network of neurons that are constantly communicating with each other.


The gut sends constant update to the brain and vice versa through the 'brain-gut axis' using neurotransmitters and help connect the two ends of your body in order to maintain overall well-being. Therefore, concerns about our gut health directly connect to the functioning of the brain.


It is important to maintain our gut health because it will have an effect on our mental health as well. Due to the highly intimate connection of our system, one distre can affect our entire digestive tract. When gut send the warning signals to the brain's central nervous system, it often results in mental health issues like stress, anxiety and depression.So before making any decision give a second thought on your gut feeling.


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