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Why Nettle Tea Is Called Best Herbal Tea? Know its Benefits - Sorichorganics

Why Nettle Tea Is Called Best Herbal Tea? Know its Benefits

From over a thousands of years, there are many herbal teas which are important sources of vitamins and minerals, and  Nettle tea is one of them. It benefits health and skin in many ways. Lets read out all the information about it.

What is Nettle?

Nettle tea is extracted from nettle plant leaves commonly known as stringing plant. In Latin it is known by the name of urtica dioica. The plant is natively found in Europe, across Asia and American continents. The leaves are featured with bold serrated edges and long tips.

Nettle tea leaves are also consumed in herbal drink by soaking leaves in water to remove stringing properties from it.

What is its Flavor?

The nettle tea has a similar taste to green tea. Te leaves contain hay like taste which can be removed with a dash of honey or agave.

Nutrient Value of Nettle Tea Leaves

The nettle tea herb is full of nutrient as it rich in calcium, magnesium, vitamin C, vitamin E, amino acid and beta- carotene( more than a carrot in fives times). It not only supports immune system but stabilise bone density, improves nervous system, boost metabolism and improves heath of skin.

Heath Benefits

Dry nettle leaves
  • Reduces joint pains: the tea leaves contain anti inflammatory property which reduces symptoms of pain. It also reduces joint pain and chronic joint pains such as arthritis.
  • Reduces oxidative stress: oxidative stress is like rust on body which breakdown cell and stops functioning. Nettle tea leaves contain antioxidants which prevents oxidative stress to cause neurological diseases.
  • Support eye heath: it contains vitamin A which supports eye health and helps in improving vision. A study revealed that the nettle leaves have more beta-carotene then barley and wheat.
  • Protects heart health: drinking nettle tea helps you in lowering blood sugar level which reduces risk of heart attack and improves cardio vascular activities. A research has said that nettle leaves contain phenolic compounds which words as a cure property for coronary disease.
  • Treats diabetes: some studies have revealed that nettle leaves contain anti diabetic properties which improves blood sugar level and lower cholesterol levels.

How to Brew

For brewing nettle tea follow these simple steps:

  • On a stove bring water to boil.
  • Keep it in mind that while using fresh leaves of nettle tea have two cup of water and in case of one spoon of dried leaves have eight ounces of water.
  • Then steep the leaves for five to six minutes. As more the timing of steeping, the stronger the taste you will get.
  • If the flavour of nettle tea is coming earthy, you can add spoon of sugar or dash of honey.
nettle leaves

Does Nettle Tea Have Harmful Effects?

Pregnant women: During pregnancy a women should not drink herbal tea like nettle tea as it may cause uterine contractions that can prompt to miscarriage. Take an advice from your doctor before taking herbal teas.

Void handling fresh nettle leaves as it has hair like barbs that can cause itchiness, rashes and burps.


Nettle tea leaves are a nutritious herb popular in western herbal medicine. It reduces blood pressure, blood sugar level, inflammation and benefits in many other ways.

Curious to take these nettles leaves in your diet? Try it in cooked, dried or freeze-dried  form in your diet.

 If you have any other information related to nettle tea leaves, just add it in comment section. 


Happy drinking!







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