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Top 9 health benefits of Brahmi - Sorichorganics

Top 9 health benefits of Brahmi

Top 9 health benefits of Brahmi

Brahmi is an age-old herb, found in wetlands and enriched with many biochemical compounds such as Brahmine, Herpestine, flavonoids, saponins, sterols, alkaloids. This Indian Ayurvedic Herb is used as an aphrodisiac, memory booster, health improver, and tonic for many ailments.

Brahmi for hair loss:  Applying Brahmi Powder on the scalp strengthens hair follicles. It is beneficial in reducing dandruff, itchiness, the formation of split ends, and flakes. 

  • Scalp nourishment: The application of Brahmi powder paste provides proper nutrients to the hair follicles thus invigorating the hair growth. 
  • Prevents Alopecia: Brahmi is also rich in biochemical compounds in the form of antioxidants and is helpful in treating temporary or permanent baldness.
  • Brahmi for fair skin: The presence of antioxidants in Brahmi helps in deflecting toxins from the body and improves skin complexion and stimulates skin cell regeneration. 
  • Treats insomnia: Brahmi Leaf Herbal Tea helps in overcoming the sleep disorder, which cures depression, anxiety, tension, and stress. It is recommended that a person is suffering from such negative domains of health should consume this tea. 
  • Helps with mental problems: Brahmi has refreshing effects and is used as a mental tonic which helps in increased concentration, memory power, mental alertness, amnesia, and even Alzheimer’s.  
  • Brahmi treats Alzheimer’s: The presence of an amyloid compound in neurons is responsible for brain damage and triggers Alzheimer’s disease.  The biochemical bacosides compound in Brahmi influences the brain cells and helps in rebuilding the brain tissue.
  • Brahmi for stress reduction: Brahmi acts as a stress buster and mood elevator as it decreases the level of cortisol hormone that is responsible for stress.
  • Brahmi for epilepsy treatment: Brahmi has been used as a neurological tonic and cognitive improvement for ages.  

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