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Simple Tips to Help Begin Your Day With Positivity - Sorichorganics

Simple Tips to Help Begin Your Day With Positivity

When the sun shines at dawn, what do you do? Do you wake up at once while being full of energy and vigor, or do you ignore the alarm ringing and doze off to sleep? Well, if you are the latter, then we have a few tips as well as reasons for you to step out of the bed and face the day with enthusiasm. 

Even though the extra sleep you sneak out of morning is the sweetest, it is surely not the best way to start your day. The way you feel right after you wake up, decides the tone for the rest of the day. Positive behaviors are direct producers of positive energy which makes the right start towards a new day. The habit of embracing positivity right in the morning after you wake up, especially in early morning hours, adds to the quality of your day and provides you with strength and structure. 

Here are five simple morning habits that will help you attain a day full of happiness and productivity. 

  1. Don’t Look at Your Phone

Checking your smartphones as first thing in the morning is one of the worst habits you can have. Avoid paying attention to those emails, calls and messages right after you wake up and steer clear of your phone. Doing this gets your head spinning with all the tasks that are pending and affects your sense of peace and tranquility. Try doing this for the first hour of the day, and you will feel the change. 

  1. Step Out into the Sunshine

After crossing the ‘avoid smartphone’ junction, your next goal is to step out into the sunshine. By breathing some fresh air at first light helps to set your circadian rhythm and makes you feel energized all throughout the day. Opt for taking your dog for a walk, or a light jog around the block or simply sit to watch the sun rise. Even if the sun hasn’t come up yet, you will surely feel the positivity that comes with the change of scenery from your dark bedroom.

  1. Practice Yoga or Meditation 

While you are at it, another way to start your day is to practice yoga or meditation. Yoga is an excellent means to wake your body up, stretch those drowsy muscles, and boost your energy to face the day. Meditation helps in calming the senses that you are in control of. This helps in enhancing your focus on just one important thing at a time instead of feeling anxious. Try beginning your morning with 10 minutes of Surya Namaskar to get your entire body warmed up, followed by five minutes of meditation. 

  1. Eat Superfoods for Breakfast

Another important improvisation that leads to a positive and productive day is a healthy breakfast. Inculcating superfoods to your morning breakfast routine is a smart choice and helps you feel healthier inside out. A superfood smoothie is always a great idea for a quick and nutritious breakfast. You can even try a Cocoa Coffee Shake or Matcha Frappe for an energizing drink packed with antioxidants and nutrients. Avocado Toast topped with Chia Seeds or oatmeal topped with Cacao Nibs and cinnamon are also healthy yet delicious options for breakfast. There are endless ways in which you can assimilate superfoods into your diet! 

  1. Journal Your Daily Thoughts 

While eating your superfood-rich breakfast, another awesome habit to get into is writing a journal for at least a few minutes. This particular activity allows you to have a personal safe space, when you can jot down your daily intentions or random ideas. Seeing your thoughts written down on a paper is an effective way to empower yourself and achieve your daily goals.  

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