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Free Shipping on Orders Above ₹599
Pave the Road to Healthy Immunity with Licorice Powder - Sorichorganics

Pave the Road to Healthy Immunity with Licorice Powder

Plenty of spices and herbs found in India are of immense importance in preparing everyday home remedies. One such ancient herb that has been under use for its exceptional health-promoting properties is licorice. It is a perennial herb that is found in various parts of Asia and Europe and is immensely hailed in Ayurveda. 

Apart from being used in medicines, licorice powder is widely used as a flavoring agent due to its natural sweetness. It is anti-diabetic and full of antioxidant properties that aid the treatment of the metabolic syndrome. Further, this magical powder supports liver health and acts as an antiseptic that helps calm the stomach. Licorice is also an acclaimed expectorant and decongestant that helps in fighting respiratory infections. 

Here are some other boons of consuming licorice powder - 

  1. Keeps the respiratory healthy intact

Licorice powder is an age-old remedy for a sore throat. It is solely because of its expectorant and bronchodilator properties that make it effective against conditions like cough and bronchitis. 

  1. Boosts immunity

Regular consumption of licorice powder is known to boost immunity, thanks to the enzymes present in it that help the body in producing lymphocytes and macrophages. These enzymes protect the body against microbes, pollutants, allergens, and cells which cause autoimmune diseases, and aid in keeping you away from infections and allergies thereby boosting your immunity.

  1. Facilitates Digestion

Licorice powder has active compounds called glycyrrhizin and carbenoxolone that are known to relieve constipation, stomach discomfort, heartburn, acidity, and other stomach problems. Further, it acts as a laxative, thus playing an effective role in stimulating bowel movements.

  1. Cures skin ailments

Licorice powder helps in maintaining healthy and glowing skin and its regular consumption helps in combatting pigmentation and soothing skin rashes.

  1. Full of Anti-inflammatory Properties

Licorice has excellent anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties that may be able to treat various inflammatory diseases and reduce the effects of free radicals responsible for inflammation in the body.

  1. Eases menopausal symptoms

The phytoestrogenic compounds in licorice help correct hormonal imbalance in the body and ease menopausal symptoms like hot flashes, insomnia, depression, mood swings, sweating, etc. 

How to Use Licorice Powder 

Sorich Organics Licorice Powder forms a great addition to drinks and smoothies because of its mildly sweet flavor. It can even be used in curries to add a savory punch to them. Licorice can also be consumed orally since it helps with cough, sore throats, and bacterial & viral infections and also aids digestion.


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