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Free Shipping on Orders Above ₹599
Our Role in Regenerating India Locally And Organically - Sorichorganics

Our Role in Regenerating India Locally And Organically

The world stood still for months owing to the ongoing pandemic and the crisis it inflicted upon all of us is grave. Our PM emphasized the need for India to start recognizing the importance of local markets, local supply chains and local manufacturing. COVID-19 taught India the importance of being local in all that we do. He urged his citizens to become ‘Vocal About Local’ products and help these locally-produced goods to reach global heights. This is something we owe to our country and its local vendors, farmers, shopkeepers and manufacturers since they were the ones who tended to our demands while the nation was in unrest. 

The PM also mentioned that all the leading brands in the world right now, were once local brands that were made global only after people started buying and trusting them on a local level. They were branding instruments and gradually grew proud of these products and promoted their use further. We all have to perform a similar role of ‘catalysts’ in order to make our local brands global. This is crucial for our country’s economy as well as for those menial workers that have nothing but local people to rely upon during such crises.  

How Did We Contribute to the Landscape of Indian Economy?  

Our company is a testament to the fact that homegrown companies have taken India to new heights and helped it become self-reliant. It had been our vision right from the beginning - Making organic and healthy food readily available to everyone in India. We worked with three principles in mind - Reliability, Affordability & Convenience. But even after all that we have done and aspire to do, the most important part of our social trajectory has been empowering others. 

#VocalForLocal is nothing but an all- inclusive process in which liberty is designated to each and every local industry producer, distributor, and manufacturer and offers them the opportunity to participate and yield. 

  • We have always believed in creating a Sustainable Infrastructure that  provides our consumers with a sense of ownership along with easy accessibility. We are proud to be a part of an ecosystem where start-ups and local SMEs have as much an advantage as foreign players. 
  • We source, manufacture, and sell everything in India which helps us add a page to the ‘Make In India’ book. We are full of pride when it comes to our healthy, organic, and sustainable goods that helped in bringing an Organic Revolution in India.  
  • Supporting the local Indian farmers is probably the best way to achieve economic independence and to become more involved in our food system. This is exactly what we do and preach! We support local organic farmers and help them to protect and conserve their conventional farming practices in accordance with the commercial development. However, there is still a long way to go and your continued support matters more than you may realize. 

We strongly encourage the #VocalForLocal Movement and believe that this will only help India standing tall, becoming more self-reliant, and reviving its economy in the upcoming years. We also hope that plenty of homegrown companies like us set global benchmarks with their products and services so that we are truly vocal in our pursuit to go local.   


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