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Encourage Sustainable Lifestyle With These Simple Steps - Sorichorganics

Encourage Sustainable Lifestyle With These Simple Steps

Spending time in self-quarantine has led each one of us to confront some important realizations. The past few months have been full of self-retrospection and healing - both for us and our planet. OUR EARTH has been regenerating in ways that earlier seemed unfathomable and it reminded us of the blessing that we get to call it our home. 

Amidst everything that has been taking place in the world right now, it is important to remember that sustainability is the key to healthy and prosperous living. The Sustainability Movement has sparked a lot of interest in the past few months and as a result, people are now becoming aware of their responsibilities. This movement demands a closer look at our consumer habits and how a small step can lead to positive changes in our environment.  A few simple and sustainable alterations are - Reducing single-use plastic, switching to organic foods, and opting for sustainable clothing brands. These are a few ways that aid us in becoming better advocates for our planet and take us an inch closer towards the goal of sustainable living.

  • Switch to Organic Eating 
  • The way in which the global farming system is annihilating sustainability and increasing carbon footprint is not a shocker. Pesticides are depleting the water table, reducing soil quality, and compromising the health of our bee population. This is why choosing organic is the need of the hour and we are fortunate enough to have access to a diverse range of organic and nourishing foods sourced directly from farmers and grown with 100% natural farming practices. 

    So, the next time you shop for packaged goods, take what is available as an organic variant. This would increase the demand for organic, and drive more and more companies to drift away from conventional farming practices, towards organic and regenerative ones that benefit the planet and our health. 

  • Go for Sustainable Clothing Brands
  • The fashion industry is one of the five most polluting industries on earth and contributes to a shocking amount of 13 million tons of textile waste annually. The fact that 95% of this waste can easily be reused or recycled is further distressing. The proliferating fashion industry and its negligent practices have made clothing an environmental issue that needs to be talked upon. 

    Luckily, there are various sustainable fashion brands that have lived by the notion of sustainable development and urged to put people and the planet first. By opting for organic and natural fibers that are 100% biodegradable and natural dyes that are safe for the bodies as well as the planet, the fashion companies are changing the way clothes are made. In addition to this, the revolution of secondhand clothing has also taken off and is another sustainable alternative. Second-hand clothes help extend their life and is one of the best ways to keep them out of landfills and in use.

  • Avoid Single-Use Plastic
  • The movement of abandoning single-use plastic is another sustainable gesture that can work wonders for our planet. Only less than 10 % of the plastic products get recycled and more than 80 % of all the plastic products end up in oceans or landfills after single-use. The most common types of single-use plastic objects are plastic bags, water bottles, straws, coffee cups, and disposable cutlery. 

    We can start making simple swaps in order to replace these usual single-use plastic products with stainless steel or glass alternatives. Develop a habit of using reusable water bottles and bringing your own reusable bags when you shop for groceries. With these minimal improvisations only, you will cut your plastic usage in half without even realizing it.

    So it is time for you to start showing the people around you what it looks like to be an amazing Planet Protector! Click here to know which foods are best for you and your family’s health. 



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