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Discovering the Link between Moringa Powder and Immunity   - Sorichorganics

Discovering the Link between Moringa Powder and Immunity  

It is a well-established fact that the human body is always susceptible to various bacteria and viruses like coronavirus that can inflict the body with various diseases. Even though the phenomenon of aging and weakening of the human body is inevitable, one can always make efforts to attain a strong and sturdy immune system. A strong immune system is extremely valuable and it is evident in current times of crisis. Hence, it is advisable to adopt measures that help in building a powerful immune function.

The tropical Moringa Plant is a hub of 92 vitamins, minerals and contains nearly 46 antioxidants. This plant is deemed highly effective in strengthening the immune system and thus preventing or reversing colds and flu. This health-restoring plant is best consumed in its powdered form and offers stronger protection against pathogens such as the coronavirus.

Let us examine the benefits of Moringa Powder a little closely and break down a few of the many vitamins and minerals found in it –

  •       Reduction in Fatigue 

You can feel those pangs of tiredness hitting you at any time of the day. A single serving of moringa powder contains iron (32.2% of your daily requirement) and Vitamin A (18.9% of your daily requirement), enough to provide you with a dose of instant energy. Iron is essential for combating tiredness and fatigue in the body, and vitamin A helps with metabolism. The high iron content of moringa powder makes it ideal for vegetarians and for anemics.

  •       Skin

Moringa Powder is heralded by the Vogue magazine as "redefining beauty from within." It brims with plenty of antioxidants and skin-friendly Vitamins such as Vitamin A and E. Vitamin A is important for healthy and radiant skin while vitamin E protects cells from oxidative stress and fights the signs of aging.

  •       Immunity  

As discussed above, this is one of the best benefits of Moringa powder. Its super immune-boosting powers help in maintaining a healthy immune system that is essential for our bodies to ward off infections and illnesses. Moringa leaves are a rich source of Iron and Vitamin-E, both of which are essential for the normal functioning of the immune system.

  •       Muscle Growth 

Moringa Powder consists of almost 25% protein and it contains 9 essential amino acids which make it a complete source of protein. It supports the growth and maintenance of muscle mass helps you to get a sufficient protein supply. Try adding it into a smoothie for a post/pre-workout boost, or by sprinkling some on your vegetables to increase your protein intake.  

  •       Anti-Stress 

Adaptogens are herbs or plants that protect the body against toxic after-effects of stress. Moringa powder is one such adaptogen that helps reduce stress and improve attention and endurance.

  •       Digestion 

Moringa powder is an excellent source of calcium and it ensures smooth functioning of digestive enzymes. It contains around 24% fiber which supports a healthy digestive system and bowel regularity. Fiber is also helpful in weight management as it helps you feel satiated for longer periods.

  •       Bones 

Moringa powder helps in maintaining strong and healthy bones as it is a rich source of vitamin K, protein, and calcium, all of which support bone health. 

Simply take 1 tablespoon of moringa powder daily in your favorite health foods to kick off sickness and to boost energy levels. It is even wiser that you use it to build, defend, and protect yourself from the contagious COVID-19 as you need to have strong immunity.


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