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5 Reasons to Snack on Flax Seeds - Sorichorganics

5 Reasons to Snack on Flax Seeds

5 Reasons to Snack on Flax Seeds

Flax seeds are of the ancient fiber crops in the world. They were originally cultivated in China and Egypt and these little brown seeds are known for their health-related benefits since ages. Charlemagne, the king of the Franks in the 8th century, was an avid believer in these seeds and demanded his loyal subjects to eat flax seeds.

Flax seeds are good source of healthful fat, antioxidants, micronutrients and dietary fiber. Research shows that these seeds provide various health benefits and can help reduce the risk of diabetes, heart disease and cancer. Low in bad cholesterol, aid in digestion, prevent constipation and help in suppressing hunger.

According to experts, flax seeds should either be bought in ground form or ground before consumption. Eating them whole increases the possibility of them passing  through the digestive tract undigested. One tablespoon of flax seeds per day is enough to meet your daily nutritional requirement.

Here are five reasons to make flax seeds a part of your daily diet 

They help reduce hypertension

Flax seeds are effective at lowering blood pressure as compared to other foods. Adding flax seed oil to your daily diet can bring down your blood pressure levels naturally.

They can help regulate blood sugar

WHO has published a study on the effect of flax seeds in the management of diabetes. Flax seeds improve insulin sensitivity in glucose-intolerant people. Further, consuming flax seeds everyday can also improve glycemic control in obese people. 

They can help prevent inflammation

Two tablespoons of ground flax seed has more than 140% of daily value of inflammation-reducing omega-3 fatty acids. This averts heart disease, inflammation, arthritis and deters growth of tumor cells.

They work wonders for women’s health

Regular consumption of flax seeds can help reduce menopausal symptoms like flushing and night sweats. Women suffering from irregular periods and extreme problems of PMS can also reap its benefits. Research shows they may prove useful in controlling heavy bleeding during menstruation, reduce the risk of breast cancer and improve uterine function. They can correct hormonal imbalances and add to skin and hair health as well. 

They can help deal with depression

Stress often leads to depression and antidepressants prove to be of no help. Adding flax to your daily consumption can correct those imbalances and help with depression.

How can you consume flax seeds?

You can add these seeds to cereal, soups, yogurt, French toast, cookies, smoothies, for extra crunch.


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