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12 Reasons to Add Ceylon Cinnamon To Your Spice Cabinet  - Sorichorganics

12 Reasons to Add Ceylon Cinnamon To Your Spice Cabinet 

Ceylon cinnamon is one of the most delicious and healthful spices on this planet. It has historically been prized not just for its delectable taste, but also for its medicinal uses. Apart from a star-spice in ethnic Indian cooking, it is also titled as a superfood owing to a wide range of health benefits it provides. 

Ceylon Cinnamon contains heaps of antioxidants and is antibacterial, antifungal, and anti-inflammatory in nature. Additionally, it is a great source of manganese and contains small amounts of Vitamin K, calcium, and iron. It is chock-full of essential nutrients that aid in weight-loss, help control acne, and decrease inflammation. 

This spice can be used as either a stick or in powdered form. Even a small dose of cinnamon is full of antioxidants that are effective in reducing oxidative stress and in deterring aging. There are quite a lot of benefits that stem from the regular usage of Ceylon cinnamon in any form and a few have been given as follows- 

1) Anti-Clotting properties

Cinnamon has a variety of healing properties, chief of them being anti-clotting. It leads to the rapid clotting of blood and may heal wounds faster. 

2) Boosts Immunity

It is anti-fungal, anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial as well as packed with antioxidants. With its wide array of properties, it is highly useful in warding off illness. It strengthens the body from the inside and helps increase immunity.

3) Attacks Diseases

Cinnamon is also beneficial to fight obesity and helps aid digestion. It boosts metabolism and helps to accelerate weight loss. It is also said to aid in lowering blood sugar and maintaining blood pressure.

4) Enhances Memory

Cinnamon helps to retain concentration and reduces stress. It heals the body is from within and enhances memory.

5) May help in regulating blood sugar 

Certain compounds in cinnamon can imitate the effects of insulin and can help regulate blood sugar which is helpful for those with diabetes.

6) Can Reduce cholesterol 

Cinnamon may help lower LDL (bad cholesterol) levels and raise HDL (good cholesterol) levels.

7) May Control acne 

It stops acne-causing bacteria from multiplying and helps in preventing skin outbreaks.

8) Reduces inflammation 

Cinnamon can also ease swelling and prevent blood platelets from clumping together thereby reducing inflammation. 

9) Aids Weight loss 

It helps in weight-loss plans as it reduces the bad effects of unhealthy eating with healthy compounds.

10) Act as an antioxidant 

Cinnamon’s antioxidant capabilities help reduce oxidative stress.

11) Slows down the aging process 

The proteins that aid in keeping the skin elastic and supple is found in cinnamon.

12) Freshens up bad breath 

Cinnamaldehyde, which is found in cinnamon kills pesky oral bacteria.


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