Licorice Powder

Liquorice is more associated with sweets, but it has extensive use in medicine as well. Use it in its powdered form and reap the benefits.

Health Gain Factor:

Liquorice is a familiar face on sweet shelves, but it also has its place in medicine. It has been used in treating gastrointestinal problems and various respiratory issues and is an effective anti-inflammatory. Liquorice boosts immunity as well as helps with pigmentation in skin.

Feel Good Factor:

The powder can be added to drinks and smoothies to impart a mildly sweet flavor, or used in your curries to add a savoury kick. Liquorice taken orally helps with cough, sore throats and bacterial and viral infections, as well as aids digestion. Additionally, mixed with henna powder, amla powder and water, a liquorice hair pack freshens and gives your hair its shine back.

Quality Factor:

The liquorice roots are harvested and then dried, before being powdered. Sorich assures that this product contains no fillers or preservative.