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Dry Mint Leaves Herbal Tea - Popular as Ayurvedic Tea and Herbal supplement

Dry Mint tea Leaves
best organic mint leaves  herbal tea
organic mint herbal tea
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Dry Mint Leaves Herbal Tea Herbal Supplement

Traditional medicinal herb, mint, is usually taken for the coolness and refreshing fragrance that aims to relax and calm your senses and give you a more refreshing outlook throughout the day. Mint also takes care of your stomach by producing digestive enzymes. Mint is also good for your oral health. Leafy form of mint can be used for making tea and garnishing purposes. You can also mix this herb in drinks and shakes as well as soups and salads to enhance flavor.

Health Factors :

1. Mint is known for spreading calmness in the nerves.

2. It is considered excellent for digestion.

3. It can be consumed in both leafy and powdered form.

4. Mint is also used for garnishing purposes.

5. It can be put in drinks and shakes to enhance taste.

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