Health Benefits of Gond Katira

Health Benefits of Gond Katira

Gond Katira is one of the best herbal drugs in Ayurveda and has found its application in cooking industry, textiles, paper manufacturing and what not. This edible gum is procured after drying the sap of a various gum-producing plants found in the Middle East and parts of Gujarat, Maharashtra, Rajasthan and Punjab. 

    Properties And Applications Of Gond Katira

    Gond Katira is a viscous water-soluble mixture of polysaccharides (thus including high protein). In dry state, it does not stick to itself the way other gums do. It is tasteless and odorless. The bandwidth of the uses and applications of Gond Katira is extremely broad.

    • It is used as a Herbal Medicine in Ayurveda. It contains an alkaloid that serves as an herbal remedy for dreadful conditions such as diarrhea and cough.
    • It has been shown recently that it can suppress tumors and stimulate the immune system.   
    • Gond Katira is added in drinks, processed cheese, salad coverings, food dressings and different puddings being both tasty and having amazing cooling properties. 
      • It is used as a thickening agent, binder and even stabilizer for various industries. 

      Health Benefits Of Gond Katira:

      Although Gond Katira is useful in various forms, its numerous health comforts are what made it famous amongst masses. Gond Katira's advantages are pure and so worth noting. A few uses of Gond Katira have been listed below: 

      It acts as a cooling agent inside the body and thus prevents us from heat strokes.
      • Purgative
      It is very helpful in problems like constipation because it has the properties of purgative.
      • Weakness In Men
      It acts as an effective remedy for weakness and any form of sexual inadequacy in men. 
      • Pregnant Women
      Gond Katira ladoos prove instrumental during pregnancy stage.
      • Urinary Lewdness
      It has astonishing results against Urinary incontinence or involuntary urination.


      You can soak gond crystals in water overnight and adding ingredients like egg white, almond powder and milk to form a nourishing paste.

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