15 Astonishing Benefits of Halim Seeds

15 Astonishing Benefits of Halim Seeds

We often fail to understand entire composition of our everyday food but we must be aware of it. Mindful eating helps us to satiate our ever-growing hunger but also helps in knowing why, when and how to eat certain foods so as to obtain all the benefits attached to them. Halim seeds, also known as garden cress, is one such superfood which offer plenty of benefits discussed in the later part of this blog.  

Halim seeds are really small in size yet they are potentially-beneficial and are derived from one of most powerful plants called garden cress. These seeds can either be roasted or cooked before eating. Garden cress is packed with numerous medicinal properties which are highly beneficial to our health.  

Benefits of Halim seeds 

1. Medicinal Properties
Both the leaves, stems and seeds of garden cress plant are used in preparing traditional medicine, for example, the seeds are used as a remedy for minimizing asthma symptoms as well as improves lung function in people suffering from asthma. Also, halim seeds are helpful in treating patients suffering from bleeding piles.
2. Menstrual Cycle Regulation
The garden cress seeds contain phytochemicals that are similar to estrogen, therefore, consuming them helps to make irregular menstruation more regular.
3. Indigestion
Garden cress seeds can be eaten to reduce the symptoms of constipation and indigestion.
4. Respiratory Infection Treatment
Garden cress seeds can either be chewed or blended and mixed with honey, which is taken as an expectorant for treating cold, headache, asthma, sore throat and cough.
5. Iron Deficiency Treatment
Garden cress seeds are used for treating patients suffering from iron deficiency called anaemia. Regular consumption of these seeds helps to boost haemoglobin levels. 
6. Culinary Purposes
Halim seeds are characterized by peppery, aromatic and tangy flavor. They can be eaten raw in salads and sandwiches or used as herbs for food seasoning. The seeds can be roasted with salt too.
7. Dermatological Treatment
Halim seeds can be blended with water and honey to form a thick paste that can be applied on the skin to treat sunburn, irritated skins, dry skin and broken lips.
8. Hair Loss Treatment
Garden cress is an excellent source of protein and iron thus can be used for treating hair loss.
9. Immunity Boost
Consumption of both Halim stems, leaves and seeds help to boost the immune system.
10. Milk Production
Consuming Halim seeds helps to stimulate the mammary glands to start producing milk in lactating mothers. 
11. Gastrointestinal Treatment
Halim seeds can be used as laxative for patients suffering from constipation. These  seeds can be blended with honey, which is used for treating diarrhea and dysentery. It can also be blended and infused with hot water, which is used for treating colic, especially in children.
12. Anti-carcinogenic
Halim seeds have antioxidants that prevent free radicals from damaging the body cells. Hence it can serve as a chemoprotective drug for protecting the body from cancerous growths.  
13. Nutritional Values of Garden Cress
Halim seeds are an excellent source of folic acid, vitamin C, A & E, dietary fibre, iron, calcium, protein, and folate. The seeds of garden cress are nutritive and contain various healthy compounds.  
14. Memory Booster
Halim seeds have arachidic fatty acid and linoleic acids that serve as a memory booster.


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